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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We  accept  a  number  of  secure  and  convenient  payment  methods:

  1.  PayPal: The  most  popular  online  payment  method.  We  are  fully  PayPal  veriļ¬ed   so  you  can  always  shop  with  peace  of  mind.
  2.  Credit  Card: Buyers  can  pay  securely  by  credit  card  via  PayPal  or  directly  trough   WorldPay
  3. Wired  Transfer: For  orders  which  exceed  $5.000,  please  contact  us  at  our  Support   Center. Note:  Please  tell  us  aGer  you  pay  the  wired  transfer  with  your  order   number,  the  amount  paid,  the  transacHon  number  and  the  exact  date   you  made  the  wired  transfer.  
  4. Western  Union Please  contact  us  at  Support  Center  for  details.  You  will  receive  a  5%   discount  for  using  Western  Union.


Note:  Please  tell  us  the  following  information  after  you  have  paid  using   Western  Union

  •  The  10  digit  control  number.
  • Sender's  name.
  • The  exact  amount  you  sent.
  • Sender's  address.
  • Your  shipping  address.