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Become AIDIP Brand Ambassadors

ALLIDO Brand Ambassador's Club

•   Are you interested in clothing and lifestyle business?
•   Are you interested in meeting new people and increasing your network?

•  Are you well connected and curious about the world around you?
•  Do you believe in values of sharing, caring and enjoying with others?

Today can be the start of a new era. An era in which a brand built on the fundamnetals of sharing, caring and having fun together, created in Hong Kong can reach out to your people before expanding its footprint throughout the rest of the world.

ALLIDOISPARTY concept believes that being clothed in excellent quality gear and attending amazing events is a must.

ALLIDOISPARTY is looking for pioneering individuals, celebrities, models who are ambitious, beautiful inside and outside, well connected with marketing and sales knowledge to take part of our events and brand development. ALLIDOISPARTY will remain the engine room, providing a reliable supply of quality clothes which go in harmony with mode and fashion, whilst providing a successful operational framework as well as top class marketing support and training.

You should be prepared to join our program for at least a period of 3 months. Like us you should see every young as a potential target market, deserving of the basic right to be clothed in quality and trendy products and joining our One World, One Love community. Most importantly, you must buy into ALLIDOISPARTY unique approach to conducting business: placing the long term value of people and quality first, believing in ALLIDOISPARTY message of unity. One World, One Love, One Party, You must like to go into environments where you meet new people and share your experience, your time and your positivity.

For all Brand ambassadors ALLIDOISPARTY will offer:

-   2 free products per month.
-   20% Discount on ALLIDOISPARTY products for personal use.
-   15% Commission on all sales you generate through your personal network.
-    Minimum 50 USD for attending our events as ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador. Minimum 1 event a month requirement. Events will be determined as either an actual event or brand promotion. For some event you will be required to wear ALLIDOISPARTY item for visual promotion of the brand.
Are you this person? Are you ready to join the ALLIDOISPARTY community?
If so? Explore our iconic brand, our lifestyle, our dynamic people and our premium quality clothes at www.allidoisparty.co

Apply today to become an ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador and you'll not only qualify for FREE MONTHLY PRODUCTS, but also help build the beautiful brand that is ALLIDOISPARTY while developing your own career by leveraging from our network base.


Click on over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and LIKE the ALLIDO ISPARTY Facebook page

Inbox ALLIDOISPARTY your email address and interest in becoming an ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador to receive your application form.

How It Works?

Each month 10 lucky ALLIDO-lovers will be selected to join the ALLIDO Team as Brand Ambassadors for a three month period. During these three months ambassadors will receive 6 free gifts and also help promote the ALLIDOISPARTY brand to friends, family but also fashion and party lovers all over the world.

Terms & Conditions:


Yes FOR REAL!!!! ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassadors qualify for (2) free gift in the form of ALLIDOISPARTY products or other items and services as deemed appropriate by ALLIDOISPARTY on a monthly basis. Free gifts are to be collected from the indicated preferred ALLIDOISPARTY branch and cannot be transferred or carried over to the following month. Free monthly gifts are non-negotiable, cannot be exchanged or refunded. Should the brand ambassador fail to collect their free gift in a specific month, the gift is forfeited and cannot be redeemed within the next month. Free gifts will only be awarded to brand ambassadors on presentation of their valid ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador Card and ID.Free gifts will be selected by and is at ALLIDOISPARTY' discretion.


ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassadors Cards are to be used only by individuals to whom they are issued to and whose ID number appears thereon. Misuse of the card constitutes fraud. Brand Ambassadors Cards are non-transferable. ALLIDOISPARTY reserve the right to deny Brand Ambassador Status to any applicant and revoke such status at its discretion and no correspondence will be entered into. Brand Ambassador Status is subject to rules adapted by ALLIDOISPARTY and may be amended from time to time without notice or consent by members. Brand Ambassador Cards remain the property of ALLIDOISPARTY.


ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador Status is awarded to successful applicants on a three (3) month basis. Brand Ambassador Status is active from the date of the card collection until three calendar months thereafter. Brand Ambassador Cards are to be handed in at the preferred ALLIDOISPARTY branch on collection of the last (sixth) free product. Brand Ambassadors can reapply after three months.


Brand Ambassadors are required to make weekly review and/or post about one (1) ALLIDOISPARTY product of their choice, to an approved public platform. Approved public platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest or Vimeo.

Brand Ambassadors are required to sign up for the ALLIDOISPARTY newsletter, like and or/follow all of the afore mentioned ALLIDOISPARTY social media platforms.
Brand Ambassadors are required to tag and mention ALLIDOISPARTY in their weekly review and/or post and share this post with a minimum of ten (10) friends.

Brand Ambassadors are requested to post and review products objectively whilst maintaining a positive outlook and attitude towards the brand that is ALLIDOISPARTY.

ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassadors are expected to act cautiously, responsibly and professionally during their status as an ALLIDOISPARTY Brand Ambassador. Failure to deliver on any of the afore mentioned duties will result in the terminations of the Brand Ambassadors' status.


As our Brand Ambassador you will get 

  • 15% commission on all products you sell.
  • free high quality clothing for your personal use
  • 20% discount on all ALLIDOISPARTY products available.
  • an opportunity to be part of a global brand exposure worldwide through our global network.
  •  create a network with our clients in the modeling and fashion industry.
  • access to expand your modeling portfolio with any promo shoots we do with professional photographers.
  • free accommodation and travels to exotic locations for events or photo shoots to islands in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, Maldives, Brazil etc.
  • as a brand ambassador you are also eligible to attend all our worldwide events for free.
  • for the high performing brand ambassadors we will provide special bonus rewards as travels etc.
  • special discount with our strategic partners and their products.
19th floor IFC 2, 8 Finance street Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 00000
Be part of a private international lifestyle club and social networking. Be treated like a VIP in every club you go wherever you go where our partners are. Just fill in the fields below and click Subscribe
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Tell us what you're interested in.
AIDIP is looking for pioneering individuals, models, guys and girls who are fun, beautiful inside and outside, open minded to join our events all around the world and take part of a brand development. Each event will be remunerated.
If you love to party, then this is the group for you..Be aware of the best events that are happening around you and be on the guest list for free in all events within our network.so come on party people...
With a fixed monthly fee You and 8 guests get unrestricted access to all VIP areas in the clubs within the network, booking of the best tables available. Security, private car and 10 AIDIP brand ambassadors ready to party with you all night.
With a fixed a monthly fee, You and 4 guests get free and unrestricted access to all clubs in the network, including access to the VIP areas with security and 2 AIDIP brand ambassadors ready to take you out and show you around.
With a monthly fee, you and 1 guest get free and unrestricted access to all clubs in the network. You will be assisted if you wish to book table in any of our partners's venues
This is the ultimate VIP experience level. Be part of a private international lifestyle club. Be treated like a VIP wherever you. All your needs must be satisfied. Party with as many AIDIP brand ambassadors as you want in any club around the world.
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