How far we’ve come… I remember sitting in my office at the Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) thinking about finance and investment, but the idea of bringing different people from different walks of life, with the sole purpose of having fun in Hong Kong (my Home Kong) kept creeping up in my mind. It has always been a big dream of mine to share the oh-my-god nightlife and the recreational side of this awesome city with people around me. Thus, came the Ibou Rooftop Agency. It got off to a good start, but deep down inside, I felt that I could do more. The notorious Rooftop parties brought lovers, friends, neighbors, colleagues, partners, even crushes together. Our one and only motto: One World, One Love has even made strangers friends, and enemies become lovers, through fun (in over 50 parties). Working in a bank is a good achievement, but the joy and satisfaction I derive from seeing people having great fun on my rooftop took a better part of me than calculations. For years, the Rooftop Agency grew. The zeal to expand increased, and even the legendary rooftop parties were no longer able to satisfy. For our Party Monkeys (the highest order bestowed on a party-goer), more was needed. That was the birth of ALLIDOISPARTY!My Name is Ibou HK, since childhood I have always seen myself as a man of the people, with the self-confidence and belief that I can always find a way to put smiles on the face of my friends if not all the people in the world. ALLIDOISPARTY! is not a profitable or selfish purpose organization. Instead, see it as your connector to other party heads who are out there to have fun. So, for the fact that you are reading this, you have become one of us. WELCOME TO THE ALLIDOISPARTY! FAMILY!!!!! Ibou HK