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is more than just a brand, it is a way of life. The party started back in 2008 and it hasn't stopped since.

It began as a simple barbecue with a handful of friends high on a rooftop among the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Almost by accident former-banker, full-time dreamer, Ibou Thiam discovered the space with his best friend Willy Monfret, an international DJ and model; he didn't even stop to consider what it would come to represent, but he knew he had stumbled across somewhere special. 

Perfectly placed in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's notorious nightlife district, Ibou's rooftop became the ultimate distraction from a working week lacking satisfaction. Not to mention the paramount party venue. 
Hong Kong is a smorgasbord of cultures and customs, full of people from every corner of the world and every walk of life. No matter who you were or where you came from, at Ibou's rooftop parties you were guaranteed a heroes welcome from friends and strangers alike. The collective spirit of the party reigned supreme. As the good times grew better and better, Ibou decided to create something that would channel that spirit, every second of every day. The result was Ibou's Rooftop Agency. It was created as a platform to bring people together.

We don't care where you came from or where you're going, we just want to connect you with people and to have fun doing it. 


The rooftop parties

connected lovers, friends, neighbours, colleagues, partners, everyone together under 'One World, One Love, One Party',

but something was still missing. Ibou began to realise that his passion lay in the parties and the people that went to them and not in the bank, and he wanted them to keep improving.

Before too long, even the legendary rooftop parties weren't enough to satisfy his appetite for bringing the good times to the people around him.

Ibou felt that he and his Party Monkeys, the highest order that can be bestowed upon a fellow reveller, were owed more; that demand was met with the birth of ALLIDOISPARTY. 

ALLIDOISPARTY is the organic extension of Ibou's Rooftop Agency,

  • a clothing line that has become the symbol of the spirit that runs through it. Ibou wanted to produce something that would keep his distant friends connected to him and to the parties, that would keep the soul of the rooftop alive whether they were in Australia or America , Brazil or Belgium. Hats came first and, much like the party, it has grown from there, spreading the message at the heart of the brand: 'One World, One Love, One Party', to create a true human connection while sharing good times and positivity without discrimination. 

    To sum it up in five words: All. I. Do. Is. Party. Welcome to the family. 

    That was the spirit of the first ever rooftop and that spirit runs even stronger today, embodied by the ALLIDOISPARTY clothing range.

    The focus is on the inclusive not the exclusive, the people not the money, the environment and atmosphere, not anything else. You don't have to indulge in excess to have fun, you just have to want to get together and enjoy the party. Ultimately, ALLIDOISPARTY is a vehicle for connecting people that might never otherwise cross paths. Technology might be making the world a smaller place, but ALLIDOISPARTY is bringing the people together for 'One world, One love, One party'